Sunderland Conservative councillor busted over 20mph “rank hypocrisy”

15 Jan 2024

Responding to reports published today that Sunderland Conservative councillor Lyall Reed has been revealed to be promoting Tory campaigns against 20 miles per hour speed limits in Wales whilst supporting them in Sunderland, Lib Dem councillor for Fulwell Peter Walton said:

“Sunderland Conservatives have been busted for rank hypocrisy of the highest order. Local people deserve to know the truth about whether or not Conservative councillors can be trusted to support measures to reduce speeding and keep our streets safe.

“Local Tories say they support 20 mile per hour zones in Sunderland, but are running campaigns against 20 limits in other parts of the country. Local people here will want to know what the Conservatives really stand for – or whether it’s the case that in a desperate bid to save their marginal seats on Sunderland Council that Conservative councillors will say anything to anyone if they think it will win a vote.”

Peter Walton on Sea Road