Our Campaigns

Find out about the big issues we’re campaigning on locally and nationally

A graphic illustration of a GP surgery

Your GP when you need them

The Lib Dem plan to guarantee you can see your doctor quickly.

Air show

Save the Airshow!

The Airshow was cancelled by Labour Councillors over 'Climate Concerns'

Two police officers

More Bobbies on the Beat

Abolish the Police Crime Commissioner and use the money to put more police officers on our streets

Munira Wilson MP and Malcolm Bond at Seaburn beach

Stop Sewage Dumping

Paul Edgeworth outside Newcastle Airport

Rename Newcastle Airport

Coins coming out of a jar

End Wasteful Spending

Malcolm Bond at Seaburn Metro station

Freeze Metro Fares

Freeze Metro fares until new trains arrive

Paul Edgeworth at the new City Car Park

Free City Centre Parking

Bring back the council's free parking after 3pm scheme