New lifesaving defibrillator installed in Sunderland’s Doxford Park

16 Oct 2023

A new defibrillator is up and running in Sunderland’s popular Doxford Park thanks to funding from the area’s local councillors. A new device has been installed on outbuildings next to the car park entrance on Silksworth Road.

Lib Dem councillors for Doxford Paul Gibson and Heather Fagan funded the new defibrillator as part of their bid to improve coverage of the life-saving machines across the area.

Local councillors paired up with local charity the Red Sky Foundation who supplied and installed the new defibrillator. It is the fifth new device in the area, following on from recently-installed defibrillators at the Oak Tree Farm Pub, the Doxy Lad pub, Portland School and the Box Youth Project in Hall Farm.

Commenting, Doxford councillor Paul Gibson said: "I hope that no one ever needs to use this new device, but having a defibrillator in Doxford Park could be a lifeline if anyone visiting the park ever needs it.

“A defibrillator can increase the chances of surviving a cardiac arrest from 5% to 75% so we want to see as many as possible installed in public places in Doxford and across our city. To use it, call 999 to access the machine and get advice, begin CPR, switch on the device, apply the pads and let the machine do the rest. More info on how to use a defibrillator is available at .

“We want to see Sunderland Council keep working to improve coverage of defibrillators across the city in conjunction with great community groups and charities like the British Heart Foundation and the Sunderland-based Red Sky Foundation – but also to increase publicity and awareness about where AEDs are located and how they can be accessed in an emergency."

Councillor Paul Gibson with the new defibrillator in Doxford Park.