Lib Dems win backing for extending Metro to Hendon, Grangetown and Doxford Park

24 Jan 2024

Councillors from all parties have backed a Lib Dem plan to use HS2 cash to make extending the Tyne and Wear Metro to Hendon, Grangetown and Doxford Park a priority as well as re-opening the Leamside Line through Washington.

City councillors have given their backing today (24 January) to a plan for regional transport chiefs to prepare a business case for extending the Tyne and Wear Metro to Hendon, Grangetown, Ryhope and on to Doxford Park.

It is hoped that funding re-allocated to the region after the scrapping of HS2 can be used to expand the Metro network on Wearside beyond the existing commitment to re-open the Leamside Line to see Metro services run through Washington.

Commenting, Lib Dem Councillor for Hendon and Grangetown Ciaran Morrissey who called the debate and vote said:

“Extending the Metro using the existing railway line through Hendon, Grangetown and Ryhope would be straightforward to do and would give these communities the economic boost of being connected to the rest of the Metro and railway network for the first time.

“It is also vital that a plan is developed to extend the Metro to Doxford Park which suffers from poor public transport links to the rest of Sunderland and beyond despite the presence of Doxford International Business Park.

“That’s why Liberal Democrat councillors have been leading the charge to get a solid commitment that extra cash for transport projects as a result of HS2 being scrapped will be invested in Sunderland.

“Too often we miss out with regional investment prioritised for Tyneside instead, so this is the right time to send out a strong signal that people in Sunderland expect to see regional transport bosses, council leaders and the new North East Mayor commit to better public transport in Sunderland by extending the Metro to Hendon, Grangetown and Doxford Park.”

Ciaran Morrissey on Spelter Works Road